Senator Jaiz
Experimental Ambient Synth Space Music Composer 
and Music Educator

Who Is Senator Jaiz?
I am electronic composer Senator Jaiz.

I compose electronic music best described as Experimental Ambient Synth Space Music. My influences are Aphex Twin, Vangelis, Brian Eno, Jean Michel Jarre, The Orb, Gary Numan, and Massive Attack. I am now venturing into film music after a few successful experiments and scoring short films, videos, and other media for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences.

Live, I try to create expressive shows that come at the audience from many directions. I add live controlled video elements to my performances to create an immersive multimedia experience. I have two sets I am currently performing, "A Beautiful Dystopia" and "Fall of the Wild: Convergence," I also do improv performances, durational shows of 3+ hours, and I perform a live soundtrack for "Eastern Coyotes Live," This is a collaboration with Dr. Roland Kays where we create a live audio/visual documentary on stage. It is Science with a Soundtrack.

I own the local Raleigh label Reaching for Lucidity. RfL is the home of artist SkidmatiK, the band Oregano Wrathbone, and my work as both Senator Jaiz and Eban Crawford.

I was able to bring my educational workshop, “No Permission Needed: Create” to Moogfest in 2016-17. This is focused on bringing out the wonderful creativity in all of us through music. I have also brought the workshop to local Raleigh High Schools and to NC State University. I am always ready to give the workshop so hit the “contact or booking‘ link to get in touch.

By day, I still work in the music industry. I am the composer, sound exhibit designer, and audio engineer for the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. So basically I am always creating something and working with sound.

I hope you enjoy my music. If so, drop an email or a comment and let me know.


My New DIY Creative Podcast!
I have a new Podcast called The DIY Creative Podcast. It feels great to be back at the medium that got me started.

In this show I talk about the things that all DIY or Indie artists face. I give examples of how things play out in my own career.

Check it out right HERE!

Now Available on Youtube!

My New Single!!! Being
“a really interesting sense of melody and rhythm. It's cool to listen to because things don't exactly "fit"  together in the traditional way, but that sounds awesome and interesting! Well done!”
-Michael Harren, Mikeypod
“listening to your stuff. Real fresh! All the best”
- Jamie Glaser, Guitarist with Jean Luc Ponty
“It's rhythmically well done, the samples are good for the songs, and the overall feel is consistent for the whole album without being one long droning song. technically it's tight and if you're into that sort of sound, it's gonna scratch the itch.”
-Vincent Ferrari, Vinstagram
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